The sources of misinformation that thrived in Parler

What is misinformation?

Most Parler users are highly critical of Bill Gates, but I didn’t have the means to classify all posts into positive/negative sentiments. It is possible (although extremely unlikely) that there is some Parley out there where a user is simply sharing the humanitarian achievements of the Gates Foundation.
The monthly word cloud of hashtags on posts that reference Bill Gates in any way.
A couple lines of Wolfram Language code generated the GIF above.

Misinformation is constantly adapting

Dr. Scott Atlas’ appearances on Fox News are marked by red vertical lines. I had to search the Fox News website to collect these dates, so there may have been other appearances that were not labeled. The green line on the right is the day he resigned from the White House Coronavirus Task Force.

Misinformation videos that inspire violence

I wrote a function named ViolentQ (honoring the naming scheme of the Wolfram Language) which first checks for violent hashtag patterns, then passes the post body into AWS Comprehend if a match is not found.
Videos that provoke angry/hateful responses are primarily hosted by these two companies.
Due to the amount of overlap between video topics on BitChute and YouTube, there is no easy way to separate them in this rendering. However, it becomes clear that videos on QAnon, Sidney Powell’s efforts to “release the kraken”, and the far-right militia group Proud Boys, are predominately shared on Rumble.

The Pirate Bay




the data shall set you free — follow @anonymousdata_

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a data scientist

a data scientist

the data shall set you free — follow @anonymousdata_

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