The dark political campaign money that was funneled through Parler

Parler’s link to WinRed

External domains weighted by number of impressions on posts that linked to them.
External domains weighted by number of comments on posts that linked to them.
  • The campaign of Devin Nunes spent $1400 to advertise on Parler in mid-August. This is a drop in the bucket for the Nunes campaign, which raised over $26 million dollars.
  • The Stop Socialism Now super PAC began advertising on Parler on November 9th, a few days after the US presidential election was called in favor of Joe Biden. On the 9th, they paid Parler $1000 in advertising fees. The following day they paid another $6000, and then another $8000 by the end of the week. The following week they paid $20,000 for advertising on Parler, spending a total of $41,075 in the month of November, all of it after the election.
The Stop Socialism Now super PAC is shown in blue. The contributions of this PAC were dwindled by that of the political campaign of Marjorie Taylor Greene.
  • The largest and most bizarre source of advertising income for Parler during the 2020 election came from the campaign of Marjorie Taylor Greene, who spent $211,000 in less than one month. Greene had a guaranteed victory in her race for Georgia’s 14th Congressional District, which leans heavily right. Greene’s campaign spent $4500 advertising on Parler over the week leading up to November 3rd, then proceeded to spend a whopping $206,500 over the remainder of the month, including a single payment of over $50,000. Her total spending on Parler represents around 10% of the total funds raised by her campaign, and 83% of the total reported political expenditure on Parler for the 2020 election cycle.
Parler took in $253,475 from political campaigns, nearly all of it after after the final vote was cast in the 2020 US elections. 83% came from the Greene campaign, 16% from a super PAC, and less than 1% from Devin Nunes.

What was Greene advertising?

Isn’t this a campaign finance violation?

Greene has already become famous for her rambunctious statements after only a week in Congress.

The super PAC also seems shady

When this super PAC dispenses funds to Parler, they do it in the exact same vague way that the Greene campaign does.
You can’t make this shit up.

What’s next

Most of the COVID disinformation that circulated on Parler is hosted on Youtube, owned by Google.




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a data scientist

the data shall set you free — follow @anonymousdata_

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