The CDC reported 11.3 million wasted COVID-19 vaccine doses in 8 months

Total number of wasted doses by week, which has been steadily growing since April.

How vaccines get wasted

Wastage grouped by vaccine manufacturer. 56% of wasted doses were of the Moderna vaccine, 32% were Pfizer, and 12% were from J&J.

Where vaccines get wasted

Waste by vaccine provider. Large retail pharmacies account for around two-thirds of all reported vaccine waste — state vaccination programs, hospitals, clinics, and smaller providers account for the remaining third.
I am currently exploring the data with the Wolfram Language, which is how I found that the “submitted” date is not exactly correlated with the actual day a dose was wasted.

FOIA request

I did not qualify for a fee waiver since my website seemingly wasn’t enough to demonstrate that I disseminate information to the public.
aws s3 cp s3://adatascientist/cdc/ .

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