By now, every American should be on the same page about COVID-19. We should all be seeing the same images of overcrowded hospitals, dwindling supplies, and skyrocketing infection rates. Americans have suffered far more during the pandemic than any other country, yet 25% of Americans still believe that the pandemic was planned and executed by powerful people. How is it possible for the most modern society in the world, with all the evidence right at our fingertips, to be so misinformed?

This is part 3 of a multi-part series where I analyze data scraped from Parler before it was shut down by Amazon. In part 1, I analyzed the frequency of violent hashtags, and in part 2 I got distracted by the bizarre campaign finance records of Marjorie Taylor Greene and the quarter million in dark money that made its way into Parler over the course of a single month. …


anonymous data scientist

writing about the data and staying anonymous

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